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Sarah Kaiser-Amaral

Into the Distance

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Original Oil Painting on canvas
Scale: 30 inches square by 1.5 inches deep. 
Signed, 2022

I was inspired by the paintings of J.W.Turner and Lake Michigan. I live near the lake, and love when the turbulent waves crash upon the rocks. This particular scene was painted from memory. It was a moment after the storm when the light burns through the clouds.

I hope that viewers will think about how we all endure stormy periods of our lives, but will pass through them and eventually see the light.

I work primarily in oil paint because I love how I can create a range of textures with it. The detail shots illustrate how there are thick passages of paint in which I smeared the paint on with a palette knife. Also, I thinned out the paint with solvent in areas where one can see drips and stains. The versatility of oil paint enables me to convey my emotions in paint through strokes and mark-making.

Original Created:2022