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Anna Marie Crovetti

Love is Love - Large

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Love is Love

Limited edition fine art Giclée print.

Large - 16” x 22” image size, edition size 1/25

Signed in pencil on front and verso.

©amcrovetti, 2021 all rights reserved

“Love is Love” was painted with profound respect, awe, support, and great love for friends and family who have learned to "wave it proud" in their own way, some after many, many decades of silence and secrecy. The original rainbow Pride Flag, a powerful and instantly recognizable symbol of truth, diversity, and equality is shared and flown around the world in challenging times and in the best of times. There has been too much pain for too many and I whole heartedly welcome this time for joy, a global embrace with the constant evolution of the current LGBTQ+ movement. This piece was created as a horizontal work, but due to its unique orientation it can also be hung vertically.

The open inauguration of the gay rights protest movement and first marches were in June, 1970 in NYC, Los Angeles and Chicago and has now evolved into LGBTQ+ celebrations. The result is the movement’s constant flux worldwide. I have never been blind to diversity and the brightness in the unique colors of individuals, but there are so many who still can’t, or won’t, see what is right in front of them. Thankfully, our world is changing into a more fluid and welcoming community which is finally transitioning into acceptance. It does indeed take a village to raise awareness and, as a straight woman, I am proud to celebrate PRIDE in the month of June with the perseverance and fortitude of all who love. Love your children, love your parents, love your brothers and sisters. 

One world, one love. Love is Love.