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Anna Marie Crovetti


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The early days of a new year are here.
We begin again.
As we place thoughts, memories, and reflections of the happenings of these last difficult years behind us, we look ahead with newfound strength, fortitude and light for the beginnings of a bright future.
I often collaborate with creative associates and friends. Several years ago, writer and dear pal Bill Grotts and I created an image and a poem, some colors and some words, about light, healing, and being connected in support for the greater good when all seemed insurmountable, dark, and pained.
Oh, what light can do.
Our intention remains the same today, but in a new light and with new words for recovery; to rise and overcome, to fully reclaim one’s self and uplift a community. Together.
We are now offering the limited edition, hand embellished giclée print on paper and a poem of the same name, our combined effort and collaboration.

into the bright
sunlight on water.
Diamonds dancing.
Spirit enhancing.
with sunlight on lifted
faces lifting spirits,
balancing the cycles.
up and down,
yes and no,
near and far,
fast and slow.
Inhale peace,
exhale panic,
feel the light
and rise.
Inhale strength,
exhale worry.
become the light
and rise.
The light is yours
and mine
and ours.
We bloom in light
and rise.
Poem by Bill Grotts

Art print sheet size: 18” x 24”
Poem sheet size: 8 1/2” x 11”
$125.00 unframed
$18.00 shipping and handling.
Local delivery is complimentary
The art will be printed as it is ordered. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery as prints will also be hand embellished in studio with pastel, making each piece unique. A percentage of the net proceeds will benefit the following organizations, collector’s choice, which focus on therapies for curing and managing cancer, promoting protection and recovery for survivors of abuse, mental health awareness and wellness, encouraging education and the prevention of suffering in silence from the effects of PTSD.
Cancer Research Institute
National Alliance on Mental Illness
Be well all, and continue to reach for the light.
For C. H., whose courage, truth, and inspiration continues to shine.