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Cherie A

Compass:Her Steps in The Right Direction

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Compass: Her Steps In The Right Direction is a tool destined to empower women in a variety of ways. From built in planners to intriguing journal prompts, coloring pages, goal trackers, and mindfulness activities--

Through written prompts and organizational tools, every girl will learn to:

  • Navigate and Accelerate -- Goal Trackers, To-Do Maps, Vision Boards, and Budgeting templates enable you to walk your journey with ease. Women have enough responsibilities and tasks during the day, continue striving at what you do best, and allow Compass to remind you of the rest.
  • Embrace where they are, but emerge to where she could be -- Activities designed to cultivate gratitude and and a brighter mindset. If you don't cherish yourself and your abilities, then you won't care enough to expand. Self-care goes beyond spa treatments, caring for yourself means you love yourself enough to achieve the best for yourself.
  • Dig Deep-- It's time to scratch more than just the surface, your outward experience is heavily affected by that inward state called; mindset. With the use of metacognitive and intentional writing, it's time to look within so you can get the most out.
Whether you're in the need of some stress relief, planner, or a last minute gift-- rest assured, Compass is ready to become your tool, and one of your first steps as you journey towards greater heights.