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Anna Marie Crovetti


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Fine art Giclée print on Innova smooth paper
Image size: 12” x 16”, sheet size 16” x 20”
Signed in pencil on front and verso.

Our world has been changed forever. Since 2020, we have seen devastation from a global pandemic, increased frequency of catastrophic natural disasters due to climate change, the staggering effects of war, the international migrant crisis, all resulting in violence, destruction, loss of life and displacement demanding the need for humanitarian aid. We witness these events in disbelief daily and the ferocity intensifies resulting in crumbling cities, homes, and families. It seems the only thing we can do to help directly is through unity, advocacy, acts of compassion, and generosity for immediate relief; to provide aid to those in need who are directly affected.

"Vigil" was created as a gestural prayer, in the spring of 2020, the season of Covid. The sun was shining, but I lit candles on paper for all of the heroes out in battle on the frontlines, who bravely and tirelessly faced Covid-19, an unforgiving pandemic, and its following variants, day after day. From the moment of creating the initial painting, and then the limited edition embellished prints, Project Vigil transitioned from a personal meditation into a wish for unity, hope, fortitude, healing and peace. The embellished images evolved with the ever-changing global news; each one unique as more candle flames materialized, some became brighter, some had diminished. Sparks of yellow, red and orange, vibrant healing blues, floating lights and reflections appeared resulting in collective flow of energy and support as a response to the narrative of need and what is currently happening around the world. Net proceeds continue to support 
International Rescue CommitteeThe American Nurses Foundation. “Vigil” is now a universal image where light shines for hope and recovery in a fractured world.”

Also available framed.
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