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Juli Litzkow

Echinacea Silk Scarf

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There is only one of these hand dyed paintings to wear ever created from sheer awe and inspiration on Luxurious 14mm Silk Charmeuse with hand rolled edges.

These echinacea  came home with me on a brilliant July Morning from a local beachside location at their most brilliant glowing peak. My intension was to capture the brilliance magic and poise of the echinacea and the glow of the light.

 The painting is designed and engineered to adorn the dimensional form and curve of the body.

Colors and shapes are strategically placed to allow one to switch the entire look of the scarf by switching the edge worn on the inside.  In mind also is the way the painting flows when worn in a myriad of ways  

Each extremely high quality silk begins white on my painting table .  There I draw upon years of experience and research of traditional and non traditional dyeing methods.  After hours of painting with dyes I roll the silk in paper on a wire tube and steam set it for 2 hours. Next is a wash out of excess dye, press and wear , gift, or hang for display.