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Shellie Argeanton Art

"Unjust" Float Framed Print on Canvas

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This particular piece was created the week that George Floyd was senselessly killed by a White officer. As a non-black, non-brown skinned person, I feel incredibly struck by the feelings anger, shock and frustration living in this racist country.

As a white person, you can do something with these types of feelings. You can take those big feelings to the polls and vote for what you believe. You can also say something publicly when you see something happening that is unjust. I beg you, don't just stand there. Do something. 

This hand-drawn design was created digitally on a tablet with pencil stylus. I've spent the last 20 years perfecting my craft with physical inks and fine tip brushes. I have also very much enjoyed the digital realm, the last few years. It takes between 5-10 hours of work detailing all the little things you see here. Thanks for looking! These framed prints are ready to hang in your home -- happy to hand deliver to the Evanston or Chicagoland areas!

Print Details:

  • coated with a protective, scratch-resistant UV laminate

  • archival-certified and OBA free 

  • 20.5mil bright white fabric

  • consistent poly-cotton blend matte canvas 

  • acid-free, neutral pH coating without any additives or agents 

  • designed to last well over 100 years

Frame Details: 
  • 2" wood floated-frame with black finish
  • Full Size 18" x 24" 
  • Frame lovingly made in Italy
  • sturdy enough to stay put on the wall, but light enough to carry