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Molly Wherry Art


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1.5" Gallery wrapped.


18x24 Original acrylic painting on canvas. 




This is a painting that is better described through a poem. 



Hand in Hand: 


With each brushstroke, a vision so grand 

Real and make believe, hand in hand 

Color after color, your curiosity takes it cue

On this canvas, where dreams come true 


As you begin, a little wonder leads to imagination 

Keep going, it will soon become an animation 

Drawing you in, the false meets a friend 

Creating a new world, only we can transcend 


Almost there, you begin to take in all the color

Are there others, you begin to wonder 

Only in your head, you hear the idea converse

Dive deep, you must fully immerse 


This idea, at first it seemed so surreal

Once there, you realized this is your most ideal 

Something about it, there’s a sense of nostalgic 

Maybe that’s why, it feels like pure magic 


Through the process, creating and exploring this fantasy

You begin to realize, it has brought you some sanity 

Real and make believe, it all comes alive 

Because only here, can your idea truly thrive