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Molly Wherry Art


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1.5" Gallery wrapped.


12x24 Original acrylic painting on canvas. 



This is a painting that is best described in a poem. 



Standing here, she may look like a fighter

What she’s really doing, is serving as an igniter 

Issue after issue, this has become a pivotal hour 

To stand for justice, we must face those in power


As the momentum begins to fade, we cannot neglect 

Now and forever, these issues deserve our constant respect 

These problems, although not your biggest delight

In the end, are a basic human right 


All her life, she’s only been an artist

Today, she has realized her duty to be an activist 

In this moment, as she stands against the brick

She feels as if she’s ready, to fight these pricks 


Among friends and family, this has led to a lot of diversity

But now, she stands in solidarity

She must admit, she cannot bear the hypocrisy 

For the next generation, we must leave a better legacy 


On the inside, this may feel a little savage

But on the outside, she’s trying to show some courage 

To you, it may feel like a plea for sympathy 

In reality, we aim to create a community of empathy