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Elazar Weiner

'Letting go of limiting habits' intention meditation necklace

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In this original and one of a kind pendant there are:

1. Grounding crystals

2. Fragrances and spices

3. A handwritten parchment with the Hebrew words “Betzeiti Mimitzrayim”


‘Letting go of limiting habits' is my interpretation of the words inside the jar ‘Betzeiti Mimitzrayim’. Literally, it is translated in scripture as ‘When I left Egypt’. 


As a Hebrew scribe I originally wrote these words on a scroll intended at the time to be worn as tefillin (a ritual Jewish prayer object). However, as I progressed in my spiritual journey I wanted to elevate and share my internal experience with others. So, I cut out small sections of the tefillin and placed them in jars with other objects that assists people with the meditation process. 


Just like Tefillin this can be worn throughout the day as a beautiful pendant and to remind the wearer of the intention energy they want to align with.


How to use the pendant/talisman:


  1. Right before you go into meditation pull the cork out of the jar and breathe in the fragrance.

  2. Close the jar

  3. Meditate


According to meditative Kabbalistic tradition it is customary to breath in a nice fragrance right before going into a meditation. The fragrance acts as a way to lightly arouse the senses, help the mind detach from the current thoughts it is attached to, and ground the body.

Additionally, a successful meditation enables the mind to transcend thought, time and space. While having an intention present while in meditation is helpful for alignment, being attached to the thought can become an obstacle. The purpose of the handwritten parchment is to act as a spiritual vessel that holds on to the intention's energy so you don't have to be concerned with thoughts about it.