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Creations By Janet

Series #14, Orchids: #14

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Series #14, Orchids: #14 is based on an exhibit which was held at the Chicago Botanic Garden, showcasing 10,000 orchids in a show called "Orchid Brilliance." These orchids had very long skinny stems, and the way the orchids flowed to the side in a flowing patterns was reminiscent of Japanese paintings, which I have always loved. From the flowers to the buds, they created a lovely ornate cascade. This is my last orchid painting. These paintings were extremely challenging. I will always remember some beauty that came out of the pandemic, my orchids.
I was intrigued and amazed by the numerous varieties of orchids and as my series continues, each painting is a statement in itself. They are only held together in continuity because they are all various types of orchids. The colors, layouts and types of orchids will vary. I aim to represent flowers that are not often seen or well known.
Dimensions: 36" x 12" x 1.5", acrylics on canvas.
This painting is based on an authentic scene from a the Chicago Botanic Garden.