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Butterscotch Sewing

The Avocado Sewing Kit

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This kit comes with all of the pre-cut fabric you will need to create one avocado pillow measuring approximately 10” tall, a bunch of sewing supplies and access to easy to follow video tutorials that will walk you through each step in a ton of detail!

No prior sewing experience is required and this kit can either be sewn by hand or using a sewing machine. This is the perfect beginner kit because all of the fabric comes pre-cut so there are no patterns to work through - just open the kit and jump right into the sewing!

The DIY Avocado Pillow kit includes:

*  all of the pre-cut fabric needed to make one pillow
*  pillow stuffing
*  hand sewing needle
*  thread
*  pins
*  access to step by step video tutorials

Recommended ages 8 & up (adult assistance may be needed)